Small Open Source Java Tools and Libraries

What is JmsMvc4Swing?

A Java Message Service (JMS) External link based MVC External link framework for Swing Applications. No need to use the "SwingWorker". You simply create a controller interface and it's implementation. No framework specific code - Just "POJOS"s. The necessary glue classes for the decoupling of controller and view will be created on-the-fly using that interface and SrcGen4Javassist. Alternatively, you can generate source code. The UI can be disabled using jbusycomponent External link. Adding a @ProgressDeterminate Internal link outside layout or @MethodCancelable Internal link outside layoutannotation to the controller methods will configure jbusycomponent External link accordingly with a progressbar and a "cancel" link.

Which license is it under?

GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL External link)

Which version of Java does it require?

Java 1.6

Is the source code available?

Yes. It's "Open Source"! You can find it here Internal link outside layout.