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Optimized View and Logic (Controller) Separation with Swing

Pending Issues / Problems

  • Item Automatic Timeout after a Defined Period of Time has not been implemented to date.
  • The abort function does work visually, however, it poses a problem because it allows the user to initiate additional actions. At this time, the controller will not handle these until it has completed the ongoing task.
    Abortions of running controller operations have proven to be very difficult overall. Depending on the code executed, an abortion can have fatal or unforeseeable effects under certain circumstances. It is likely that the framework will be able to offer a programming frame only while individual reactions will still be required within the controller method.
  • The robustness of the code (exception handling, etc.) will have to be further optimized in the framework.
  • We need to find a more simple way to implement the ControllerResultListener in the UI (Annotations?)


The development of a controller now comprises only the following steps:
  1. Definition of a controller interface that extends the controller tag interface.
  2. Definition of the controller methods plus one per Listener as an internal interface for each method. The Listener extends the ControllerResultListener interface.
  3. Annotations make it possible to define whether the method may be aborted or whether a progress bar should be displayed - for each method.
  4. The framework generates the required Glue classes on-the-fly.
Nonetheless, a lot still remains to be done until a production ready framework will be available.

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