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This is a short description how Kickstart4J works.
  1. User types a JNLP URL or clicks on a link with that URL [less...]
    Java Network Launch Protocol URL in browser address bar
  2. Webstart (JRE >= 1.4.2) loads and starts Kickstart4J [less...]
    Java 1.4 loading splash screen
  3. Kickstart4J loads XML definition for installation [more...]
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
      <title>Kickstart4J SwingSet2</title>
      <vendor>Future Invent Informationsmanagement GmbH</vendor>
      <description>Local installed SwingSet2 with it's own Java Runtime 1.6</description>
      <javaArgs>-classpath ${classpath} SwingSet2</javaArgs>
      <mkdir path="logs"/>
      <file path="lib" file="SwingSet2.jar" hash="bb8c84a0c833471363a58a75b3a10944" size="1670951" unzip="false" loadAlways="true" addToClasspath="true" srcFileUrl="http://www.fuin.org/examples/kickstart4j/SwingSet2.jar"/>
      <file path="" file="jre6.zip" hash="6657c9fe1f1771c9505bf8760fc120f4" size="24735860" unzip="true" loadAlways="true" addToClasspath="false" srcFileUrl="http://www.fuin.org/examples/kickstart4j/jre6.zip"/>
      <file path="jre6" file="README.txt" hash="f4d7b1802f97b747d921dff10eb533e7" size="15773" unzip="false" loadAlways="true" addToClasspath="false" srcFileUrl="http://www.fuin.org/examples/kickstart4j/README.txt" order="1"/>
  4. Kickstart4J asks the user for a destination directory (optional) [less...]
    Optional prompt for destination directory
  5. Kickstart4J copies the necessary application files to user's harddisk [more...]
    File copy dialog
    • Includes a local JRE which version is completely independent of Webstart's Java version
    • No need to sign any of the application's JAR files!
  6. Kickstart4J runs the application using the local installed JRE [less...]
    Starting the application
  7. Your application (here SwingSet2 example) is running as local installed application [more...]
  8. If required, the started application can use Lazy Loading to load JARs and other files On Demand [less...]
    // Path relative to the installation directory and file to load
    File jar = fileLoader.loadFile("lib", "abc.jar");
    // Add the JAR dynamically to the classpath